Clutter Cabinets

With the passing of the holiday season, many with children are left with the chaos of toys though out the house that have yet to find permanent placement.  If you are like us, we share our main living room with a toddler and though most of her toys are confined to one area, I struggled to find storage that didn’t make our living room look like a Toys R Us furniture department.

The first cabinet is a favorite of mine, from our small apartment to our large house, it provides excellent storage for her toys, yet it is easy for her to open and access.

20150109_152316 20150109_152336

Now if you didn’t happen to have something like this already… check around at thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales.  This next cabinet was my grandmother’s, there are two similar, one for her bedroom toys and one for my miscellaneous things that collect dust elsewhere.  I put a fresh coat of paint on both and they hide clutter well!

20150109_152355 20150109_152420

When selling your home, these cabinets help keep a room’s identity without giving the impression that the house is being out grown, lacking storage or missing additional square footage.

Author: Jessie Howard

Downeast Maine Realtor. Native of the Area. Outdoor Enthusiast. Community Volunteer. Mom of Two. Home Renovator. Amateur Photographer. Planner of Social Events. Dabbler of Many Hobbies.

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