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Jo’s diner is the head of downtown Calais, it’s the first of many brick and mortar buildings that lead you up though town.  A local “go to” place when you can’t agree on what’s for dinner or need to feed a large crowd.  The menu can accommodate most anyone, yet they are always up for trying something new.  Although Pizzeria is in their title, they have much more to offer, like their meaty homemade lasagna, fresh chowder, salads, grilled cheese and tomato soup, burgers, even breakfast!

Always friendly and speedy, they appreciate their regular customers.  For instance, Robin is always quick to greet my daughter with a cup of pickles while we order, Cynthia can usually tell who the delivery is going to by what you order and Jeremy can usually get it there without an address, just a name will do.  Tim always recognizes his regulars and new patrons with gratitude, actively participates and contributes to downtown events and local causes, as well as volunteering to improve the community.  Jo’s sponsors and supplies the annual Pizza Eating Contest during the International Homecoming Festival, heads the annual Black Magic Halloween Parade, partakes in regular fundraisers such as the CDRC Chair Affair and decorating of the downtown store fronts, lamp posts and side walks during each festive season.

Jo’s is a real community oriented small business that helps to bring life to our downtown area with it’s friendly personalities and terrific customer service!

Jo’s Pizzeria

Author: Jessie Howard

Downeast Maine Realtor. Native of the Area. Outdoor Enthusiast. Community Volunteer. Mom of Two. Home Renovator. Amateur Photographer. Planner of Social Events. Dabbler of Many Hobbies.

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